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classy_femme's Journal

Im Shannon
I'm independent and I make my own money.
I have no set out plans for my life besides the fact that I want to be genuinely happy.
I pretty much laugh my way through life.
I want to take everything life has to offer me.
I believe jamming out by yourself in the car.
I believe in miracles and random acts of kindness.
Saying Hi to anyone and everyone.
be my friend, i'll be by your side through everything..
I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong.
I have a tendency to do whatever I want and not worry about the consequences.
I love the swings at the park. =)
I love the bookstore and I read a lot
I don't like normal people they bore me, weird is so much better :]
I'm trying to be the best person I can be but at the end of the day I think happiness is the only thing that matters. I'm starting to realize that we live in order to change someone else's life.

In my journal you will read about sex, drugs, god, depression, modeling ,happiness & hope. If this interests you add me as a friend :)